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Alakai Boutik

Bracelet workshop

Bracelet workshop


Our jewelry workshop offers you the opportunity to create meaningful jewelry using a variety of semi-precious stones, silver and gold pieces. You will learn to use these stones for their symbolism and special energy, while instinctively choosing them to create unique compositions.

In the Stones and colors workshop, you will discover how colors can influence the energy of your jewel. You will then learn how your color selection can infuse the meaning that you wish to bring to your creation. We will explore together how to combine stones and colors to create balanced and harmonious jewelry.

Our Therapeutic Workshop will be more for people who want to explore their emotions by sharing their creative process through a therapeutic discussion during this moment of creation. Our experienced instructor will guide you through the workshop and offer professional advice on the choice and use of stones and colors. You will have the opportunity to create your own jewel using the tools and materials provided.

Join us for a creative and enriching experience that will allow you to create meaningful jewelry for yourself or your loved ones!

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